Information For Public Relations Executives

Technology in  Education welcomes inputs from the public relations industry, providing  any relevant  material submitted is professionally  written and  truthful. We are not in the business of being purveyors of puffs.

Technology in Education is devoted three main educational subject areas:

  • DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY including engineering,  food technology, product design, and textiles.
  • ICT ( Information Communication Technology) or as it is known outside education – IT.
  • SCIENCE – Biology, Chemistry and  Physics.

TARGET AUDIENCE – Our target readership  is secondary and tertiary education and training.


Educationalists use the acronym, STEM. This stands for Science Technology and Mathematics and this sums up the educational areas we are interested in.


If you are unsure of whether we be interested in your client, its products or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01242 772108 or email on

We endeavour to inform our readers what new products or services are out there. We do not pass judgement and leave our readers to make their own minds. For a product or service to be evaluated it needs to be used by a teacher or lecturer for at least three months. And even then it is only one viewpoint. What suits one teacher or  lecturer may not suit another.


We  delighted to receive press releases. In Word please and not embedded in a document. Any images we need in high resolution.

Remember to give us background information on  the company. Currently, the country is highly conscious of  buying  from British companies, all things being equal.

We don’t wish to teach a grandmother to suck eggs, but may we remind you that people will be interested in not just what the BENEFITS of  your  client’s product or service is from an educational point of view but tellingly from what fellow teachers and lecturers say about it and why they are using it.


Our readers to take time out to read features. Please keep them  to circa 850 words + images – a complete A4 page. If these features are written in a personal style we are happy to give by-lines.  Please send an update photo of the author/authoress plus a 50 word potted biography, reflecting their educational background.

You must remember our readers are very busy people. They give public performances as much as five to six times  a day  to very discerning audiences – students – during their working week and then  they have their marking, administration, and lesson planning for the next day. So keep it  short and sweet.

Every issue we plan to supplement/s ( which form part of the magazine) on particular products or sectors where try to give our readers as broad a coverage as possible. Please see our editorial calendar below.


We do not review products. We are publishers and not  educationalists. However,we happy to run  articles  which quote educationalists on how they using  the product or service.  If they are written in a highly personal style we are happy to run by-lines. If this is the case we need a recent photo of the author and 50 word biography of his or her  educational background and any relevant  information.


Technology in Education takes stands at relevant shows and runs showcase previews and showcase reviews of exhibitors stands. These take the following form :

100 WORDS on the stand activity / company
FULL ADDRESS including email and web addresses
CIRCLE NUMBER  so that our readers can use a FREE reply card system to ask you for more information – a sales lead.
There is a modest charge for this – currently,  £147+vat.


In our January/February issue we publish a buyers guide which a 50 word description of the products and services which an organisation wishes to sell in  our sectors of education. We publish their full address and they  are given an editorial circle number so that sales leads can be sent on. In addition we run a small image or their logo. There is a modest charge for this. This high usefully reference publication stays on our  website for at least 12 months.


(We reserve the right to change themes without notice.)
September August 1 Robotics, cloud computing, 3D printing
October September 1 Lasers, sustainability, D+T Show preview
November /December October 20 ASE, BETT Show previews, ICT
Jan/Feb December 1 Annual Buyers Guide, Workshops & Machinery, ASE & BETT Shows showcase reviews
March January 30 Science labs, Maths, Engineering, Education Show  Review.
March 1 Textiles, visualiserrs, careers and courses
May April 1 Electronics, Food Technology,  Interactive whiteboards
June /July May 1 Educational furniture, art and design, craft materials.







Every issue of the magazine is digitised and placed on the website and stays there for at least 12 months.


On  the website, we run appropriate  don’t forget to ask your client whether they have a video  on their educational products and services. If so give us a call.

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