Gove warns teachers on strike action

Education secretary Michael Gove warns teachers a strike on June 30 will damage their reputation and alienate the public. He said he would to everything in his power to encourage schools to keep open.


DATA has launched a manifesto to keep D +T a statutory subject. In the manifesto a host of influential people pledge their support to the campaign to keep D +T mandatory.

In the May issue of Technology in Education DATA CEO Richard Green stresses the subject has reach a critical, but exciting point in its development. In the National Curriculum currently under review, Design and Technology should stay a statutory subject for all pupils aged 5 to 14, he urges.

Students need to do more to prepare themselves for the workplace

Students want universities to better explain employability skills and to provide more support to help develop them develop these important competencies according to a CBI/National Union of Students survey published recently and reported in the May issue of Technology in Education.

The survey of 2,614 students showed that over half (57%) want universities to help them with skills such as customer awareness, team working, and self management.

Sir James Dyson recommends D+T remains a statutory subject
Dyson recommends D+T should be renamed “ Design Engineering Technology “ and should be reclassified as a STEM subject.

These suggestions came in an exclusive interview he gave to Technology in Education published in the May issue – on page 34.

He strongly advocated that Design and Technology should stay a statutory subject within the national curriculum currently under review.

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