Gove Launches the ‘TechBacc’ Which Will be a Rigorous Equivalent to A Levels

On April 22 a new qualification was launched by education secretary Michael Gove . The TechBacc will be as demanding as the English baccalaureate and will help employers recognise students who have taken rigorous vocational courses.

Gove said at the launch the TechBacc could be seen as more demanding and strenuous than the EBacc. It will be awarded to those who have passed five academic GSCEs, a maths test, an extended writing project , and a high quality vocational course.

Unlike the diploma, the TechBacc will have A level status and will be included as part of league tables from 2017.

Martyn Hale, chairman of HME, and DATA( the Design and Technology Association)have been lobbying MPs and manufacturing business leaders on the importance of Design and Technology and as Martyn Hale said:”We want to see Design and Technology at heart of the new TechBacc.”

See pages 1,3 and 12 of the April issue of Technology and Science in Education.

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