Give your catering facilities a break this summer: get set now for the new intake

Space Furniture for Schools technology in educationIt’s already July and the end of term is just around the corner. There’s a great period coming up over the summer break to fast-track a refit of your catering facilities so they’re ready to attract a new intake, and smart schools and colleges all over the country are doing just that.

There’s still time to plan a refurbishment of your production kitchen or food tech room, buy furniture for your dining room and replace old catering equipment with new, but it’s worth getting organised sooner rather than later and working with a specialist in the field like Space, to help you through the process.

Space has extensive experience in creating stylish yet practical dining areas as well as the production kitchens that serve them, and can design and install state-of-the-art food tech facilities too.

Space can help you bring your dining facilities right up to date by specifying high quality, durable furniture in a vast choice of bright, eye-catching styles with colour options to match any interior scheme.  They can also suggest clever furnishing solutions like poseur tables and eating shelves that children love to use and that are sparing on valuable floor space.

Practicality and flexibility is built in from the outset; Space will work with you to plan your dining facilities and maximise the space you have available, suggesting clever furnishing solutions to transform multi-purpose rooms into dining rooms in minutes.  Space also provides great service and the benefits of strong buying-power.

Getting a new look back of house is also easy with Space’s dedicated team of kitchen design and installation experts, who can help you make one-off purchases of catering equipment as well as complete kitchen refurbishments.  Space has particular expertise in identifying energy saving equipment, to help protect your school or college against rising energy prices.

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