What to look for when choosing graphics and multimedia software

The use of design software in schools, including graphics and multimedia, is no longer restricted to the art and ICT departments. It is used across subjects and departments and is one of the key technologies a school will use. So what should you look for when it comes to choosing this software for your school? Corel EMEA Sales and Marketing VP Brett Denly runs through some of the most important considerations.  Read More…

Datalogging – a history

The history of datalogging parallels the history of using computers in schools. It also charts the technological changes which have happened over the last 30 years. Read More…

School ICT security tips

ICT security and charging specialist LapSafe Products® introduced the first ever laptop storage and charging trolley into the UK in 2000 and has been the market leader ever since. To date, the company has sold over 17,000 mobile and static charging solutions to education establishments throughout the UK and wider world. Read More…

Top Ten Questions you Should Ask Before Buying A Laser

Thinking of buying a laser?

Nick Watts, product specialist from Technology Supplies answers the top 10 questions about buying lasers for schools.
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Seeing the bigger picture: How to choose the right projector

With purse strings tightening across the country, how can you squeeze the most value from your school’s projector purchases? Here, Casio’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Nieve Cavanagh explains what to focus on when selecting a projector for your school, college or university.

What do you need from a projector? The projector market—much like the whole ICT for education industry—can be approximately divided in to two sectors: primary and secondary schools, and further and higher education. The needs of these two markets are different (although they often overlap). Primary and secondary schools usually need smaller, more compact projectors that come in at a more cost-effective price point, while colleges and universities often require larger and brighter projectors to fill large lecture theatres.

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